A year ago, two French drivers named Florent Grimbows Lecerf & Mathieu Ethan De Jésus joined Team Mentalism Academy on F1 2021. Proving their worth in the F1 French e-Cup and on the international scene, it took them less than a month to get directly promoted to Team Mentalism‘s main team. Since then, they have built their own legend.

Grimbows & Ethan formed the only duo to ever reach a 100% win rate in a F1 French e-Cup season, winning the 10 out of 10 rounds in the 8th season. Pending tonight’s Abu Dhabi race, Grimbows has sealed 13 F1 French e-Cup wins and a SCNEF1 win; while Ethan has claimed 3 F1 French e-Cup wins. Both are the reigning F1 French e-Cup champions, on the verge of sealing back-to-back titles tonight. They also have claimed back-to-back third positions in SCNEF1 and a PSGL Esports Cup 7th position.

The legendary duo has decided to step away from Team Mentalism after tonight’s Abu Dhabi race, wanting to end their career in the team on a high by winning the organization’s third F1 French e-Cup title. Team Manager LiberVic says: « It’s obviously very hard for us to lose two giants, maybe the greatest French duo of all-time. However I’m at first super grateful to both of them for what they brought to the team, obviously the results but most importantly the great atmosphere and leadership. I wish them the best of luck and I’m sure we will meet again on the track. »



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