After sealing 6th place on WRC 8 with 87 points and 7th place on WRC 9 with 133 points, Team Mentalism has today announced its brand-new WRC 10 team ahead of the new WRC Esports season that will start this weekend at Monte Carlo.

Team Mentalism‘s WRC Esports Season 7 team is composed by 5 new players, experienced or fresh in the WRC Esports environment.

The first player representing Team Mentalism in the upcoming season is Tim Niklas « Sh0tix » Tenger, a 20-year old German simracer who has joined Team Mentalism after his decent WRC Esports performances at the end of WRC 9, entering Top 50 multiple times.

One of his teammates is Thomas « Azar » Pasquier, 26-year old French simracer and streamer who is new to WRC Esports, wanting to prove that he has the ability to compete at the highest level of the championship.

Then, a legend of Team Mentalism has decided to come back for this WRC Esports season: Dorian « Dibby04 » Baptiste. The 22-year old French simracer is a two-time DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series RX finalist and WERX vice-champion. Having proved his worth on the Rallycross scene, Dibby04 is willing to achieve a lot on the Rally environment, in particular in WRC Esports.

Another Team Mentalism veteran has accepted the WRC Esports challenge: Yoan Guillot. The 22-year old French simracer is a two time F1 French e-Cup champion, Leonis Invitational champion, has claimed 3rd place at SF1 DreamHack Sevilla 2019, 3rd place in SCNEF1 Season 13, and has several SF1 and SCNEF1 Top 5 on his achievements list. While he has proved to be one of the greatest French F1 drivers on the scene, Yoan wants to take on a new challenge with the WRC Esports.

The last driver to complete the team is Sean « AgentFry » Fry, a 28-year old American simracer who has claimed several Top 50 in the WRC Esports Season 6. Team Mentalism is thus composed by two team legends who are new to WRC Esports, two experienced WRC Esports drivers, and a promising driver who is new to this environment.

The team will be led by Victorien « LiberVic » de Cuyper, who has been Team Mentalism‘s general manager for more than three years and a half. LiberVic says: « I am very happy with this new WRC Esports team, and grateful to have a high-level squad competing in a very special championship for us, as we love its format and adversity. »

WRC Esports Season 7 calendar

The official WRC Esports championship on WRC 10 will begin on January 14 with the Monte Carlo Rally and will feature 13 rounds, from January to August. Team Mentalism will be looking to compete for a top spot in the team standings.



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