After ending its first season on F1 2021 with a 3rd place in SCNEF1, 4th place in F1 French e-Cup and 7th place in PSGL Esports Cup, Team Mentalism is making changes to its F1 2021 team ahead of the upcoming season.

With Yoan announcing that he won’t be participating to the new F1 2021 season due to a break on the game, Fredrik has decided to stop his driver career on F1 games. After an agreement between Team Mentalism and himself, Fredrik will be staying in the team’s staff, operating as an analyst alongside Ace_Phelps. He will be helping in the driver’s engineering and working on Team Mentalism‘s telemetry programme.

Fredrik has joined Team Mentalism in 2018, and was promoted from the academy to the F1 main team in a few months. He is a two-time F1 French e-Cup champion, Leonis Invitational champion, has claimed 3rd place in SCNEF1 Season 13, has sealed 5th place in SF1 2021 and has 3 SCNEF1 Top 5.



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