After Team Mentalism‘s announcement of the team parting ways with Louis Valentin, the team quickly announced his replacement, Oroka.

Team Mentalism has decided to trust its academy team once again as Oroka becomes the third driver to be promoted from the academy on F1 2021, alongside Nathan and Grimbows. He also becomes the fourth active driver to get a promotion from the academy, with Fredrik, Nathan and Grimbows.

Oroka is a young talent that began his simracing career on F1 2021 and quickly joined Team Mentalism Academy to gain some experience. After some decent results in F1 French e-Cup and other French and international leagues, the team manager LiberVic has decided to promote Oroka to the F1 team as he was the most promising driver among a big list of candidates for the vacant spot.

Oroka will be registered in the PSGL Esports Cup team as he will replace Louis in the squad, now composed of Yoan, Grimbows, Nathan, Fredrik and Oroka. He will be taking part in some of the remaining races of SCNEF1 and the PSGL Esports Cup this season.



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