On October 22, the fifth round out of ten of the F1 French e-Cup eighth season took place at the mythical track of Monza, Italy.

After four first complicated rounds, Team Mentalism heads into Monaco being fourth in the championship, 67 points behind Team eRacing Academy in the lead. Nathan and Kilcri are the two drivers lined up for the team, with the objective of achieving an important great team result to close the gap in the championship.

The qualifying session appears to be a catastrophy for Team Mentalism as Kilcri is the only one getting a spot in the Top 10 with a time of 1.19.779 getting him P6, while Nathan cannot get any lap in as he crashes his car at the start of the qualifying session due to an incident with Victoto__.

F1 French e-Cup Season 8 – Round 5 Qualifying

At the start of the race, Kilcri overtakes some cars ahead of him, moving him up to P4. Nathan makes a great start and becomes the first driver on the alternate strategy as he plans to start the race on mediums, in order to finish the race on fresh softs.

Kilcri and Nathan gain a few positions at the start of the race.

After some battles with F1_Romaninho and N1cozFusion in the middle of the race, Kilcri loses his chances of a podium on the medium stint as he gets distanced by both of these drivers, and can only manage to keep P5 until the end of the race. On the other hand, Nathan has extraordinary pace and gets out of the pits on Lap 17/27 in P7, and is on for a podium on his soft tires. Unfortunately, Nathan makes a mistake and spins on Lap 21/27, which ruins his podium chances and he thus claims P6 right behind his teammate Kilcri.

Nathan makes an amazing recovery on his soft tires.

With both of its drivers finishing P5 & P6, Team Mentalism scores 34 points in Italy, achieving its second-best result of the season after Bahrain. Heading into the second part of the season, Team Mentalism will look to fight for P2 in the standings against Team eRacing and TocaRaceDrivers.

F1 French e-Cup Season 8 – Round 5 Race results



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