On October 17, the first round out of six of the MundoGT Div.Oro took place in Tokyo Expressway Interior Central. For this race, the drivers had to master the GT Shifter Kart with slick tires under rainy conditions.

Tok0 and ASPEN-1R are the two drivers line up for this opening round, both being known for their love of the kart in Gran Turismo Sport. They aim to fight for the win in what is expected to be a tricky race due to the combination.

In qualifying, Tok0 claims P2 with a decent time of 1.53.774 and ASPEN-1R seals P4 with a 1.55.164 lap time. Both Team Mentalism drivers share the qualifying Top4 with Euromaster Academy drivers.

MundoGT Div.Oro – Round 1 Qualifying

After a decent start of the race, Tok0 keeps his position and gets close to ERM_MarkRuiz. He overtakes him on the long start & finish straight on Lap 2/12, and will keep the lead until the end of the race, to win it. ASPEN-1R also keeps his position and sits in P3 when ERM_RaulLopezG is disconnected from the lobby on Lap 4/12.

Tok0 overtakes ERM_MarkRuiz for the lead of the race.

With Tok0 winning the race and ASPEN-1R securing a double podium for the team in P3, Team Mentalism couldn’t start its MundoGT Div.Oro campaign any better as the team scores 42 points, which is the double of the amount of points that Euromaster Academy scored on this round.

MundoGT Div.Oro – Round 1 Race results

After a dream start to the season, Team Mentalism looked to keep the momentum as Round 2 took place straight after Round 1 in the same evening.

MundoGT Div.Oro – Standings after 1/6 round



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