On October 17, the second round out of six of the MundoGT Div.Oro took place in Sardegna – Track layout A. For this race, the drivers had to master the Renault Clio N200 with comfort soft tires.

Heading into this round, Team Mentalism sits first in the standings after combining a win and a double podium in the first round. The team leads the championship by 21 points on Euromaster Academy. Brausi and Tok0 are the two drivers line up for this race, with Tok0 coming in as a reserve on a last minute call. They look to fight for the race win in order to keep the lead of the championship.

In qualifying, Brausi claims pole position with a stunning time of 1.56.167, while Tok0 can only manage to start in P12 with a 1.58.600 lap time. Brausi grabs pole position as the Top3 is separated by a tenth of a second, completed by both Euromaster Academy drivers.

MundoGT Div.Oro – Round 2 Qualifying

At the start of the race, Brausi keeps first place and is followed closely by ERM_BorjaLT. In less than 5 laps, Tok0 moves up in the race standings and overtakes a lot of cars, getting up to P5 on track.

Brausi keeps first place at the start of the race.

On lap 5, an exceptional battle between ERM_BorjaLT and Brausi allows the Euromaster Academy driver to get past Brausi and lead the race. Brausi follows his rival closely and both pit on Lap 8/16. Brausi gains a few tenths of a second every lap on ERM_BorjaLT until the end of the race and has an opportunity of overtaking him on Lap 16/16, which is failed.

ERM_BorjaLT overtakes Brausi on Lap 5/16.

Brausi finishes the race in P2, less than two tenths of a second behind ERM_BorjaLT. After gaining 7 positions in the race, Tok0 scores a lot of important points after an amazing recovery up to P5.

MundoGT Div.Oro – Round 2 Race results

After two rounds out of six in the MundoGT Div.Oro, Team Mentalism leads the championship with 73 points, 10 points in front of Euromaster Academy. The title fight between Team Mentalism and Euromaster Academy will continue on November 1 with Round 3.

MundoGT Div.Oro – Standings after 2/6 rounds



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