On October 15, the fourth round out of ten of the F1 French e-Cup eighth season took place at the mythical track of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

After three first complicated rounds, Team Mentalism heads into Monaco being third in the championship, 43 points behind Team eRacing Academy in the lead. Kilcri and Fredrik are the two drivers lined up for the team, with the objective of achieving an important great team result to close the gap in the championship.

The qualifying session appears to be a disaster for Team Mentalism as Fredrik is the only one getting a spot in the Top 10 with a time of 1.09.659, while Kilcri can only manage to seal P13 with a time of 1.09.878.

F1 French e-Cup Season 8 – Round 4 Qualifying

At the start of the race, under a rainy night of Monaco, both of the drivers manage to grab a few positions due to some incidents occurring on the track. Quickly, Fredrik and Kilcri manage to stay in P7 and P8 but get blocked in traffic as it is very tricky to overtake in Monte Carlo.

Fredrik and Kilcri gain a few positions at the start of the race.

On Lap 21, Fredrik breaks his wing due to an incident with F1_Romaninho. As the track is drying, Fredrik directly puts the slicks in order to get the adherence data for his teammate Kilcri. Unfortunately for Fredrik, he loses a lot of time as the DRS will finally be activated 6 laps later, on Lap 27.

Thanks to his pace on the dry track, Kilcri finishes P5 on track but finally ends in P6 due to his penalties. Fredrik crashes in the last lap and can only manage to seal P14.

Team Mentalism only scores 19 points in Monaco, meaning that the team loses P3 to TocaRaceDrivers and now counts a deficit of 67 points to the leaders, Team eRacing Academy. Team Mentalism will look to bounce back on October 27 for Round 5 in Italy.

F1 French e-Cup Season 8 – Standings after 4/10 rounds



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