Team Mentalism is an international esports club based in France since March 2018. It is legislated by the French 1901 law and has specialized itself in SimRacing.

When people talk about Team Mentalism, the first words that come into their minds are family, values and atmosphere.

Family. Several team members belong to the organisation since its creation, back in March 2018. New players and new rosters are always warmly welcomed by the whole team and integrate themselves quickly in the team.

Values. Beliefs we share at Team Mentalism are integrity, responsibility, equity and harmony. We would rather recruit players who share these values and help him improve than a better player who does not fit the club.

Atmosphere. Wherever you see Team Mentalism, its representatives will always be cheerful and grateful for your support. Inside or outside the club, an enthusiastic ambience envelops the organization.

#WeFigureAsOne. In nice and bad moments, the club is always united and everyone belonging to the organization has the same objective: move forward all together.