To help its players improve and reach the highest level in SimRacing, Team Mentalism always looks for analysts on Gran Turismo Sport and F1 2019. Their contribution to the organization is crucial for Team Managers and players.


  • Analyse and interpret the players’ and opponents’ performances.
  • Assist the Team Manager with building axes of improvement for the players.
  • Provide the players with some technical details of their performances.
  • Actively interact with the team’s community and supporters on social networks, mainly engaged on Twitter and Instagram.


  • Great oral and written communication abilities.
  • Fluency in English; language skills in French are a bonus.
  • Knowledge of the SimRacing environment.
  • Ability to work efficiently behind the scenes.
  • Ability to gather important stuff and transfer it to the Team Manager.

Estimated amount of time per week needed to be served for this position: Between 3 and 10 hours.


If after reading these aspects you wish to join Team Mentalism, please send an email including the mandatory form and a current CV to Our team will be glad to read your application and discover why you desire to enter our family!