Team Mentalism announces its SF1 & SF2 rosters

As the new MundoGT F1 season starts tomorrow, Team Mentalism has announced its drivers in both categories, SF1 and SF2.

After finishing 3rd at the last SF1 Finals at DreamHack Sevilla, the club proposes a brand new roster for this newest season, composed of 4 French drivers and 2 Germans. Namely, the Team Manager AchraafGOAT_ has decided to trust his Team Captain MnT_Sky, alongside the SF1 podium sitter MnT_Yoan. The 4 other drivers will make their debut in the competition, as both Germans MnT_vFabii and MnT_Wauters have been picked for the championship. Team Mentalism Academy is also being put forward as the academy promoted MnT_Bruno will also be racing alongside the academy driver MnT_MaX_.

Regarding SF2, the roster is composed of Team Mentalism Academy drivers with a touch of experience represented by the SF1 podium sitter MnT_Heaxxy09. The other players are: MnT_Fredrik, MnT_Antoine, MnT_Lion, MnT_Kilcri35, MnT_Mphikanen7, MnT_Lebron93 and MnT_Gacho. Do not miss the date: tune in tomorrow from 9.00 pm CET to follow both SF1 & SF2 rosters enter the competition!

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