Team Mentalism to drive in Mercedes and Carlin for SF1 & SF2

As the beginning of the next MundoGT season in SF1 & SF2 approaches, Team Mentalism has picked its cars for both championships.

Regarding the SF1 car, Team Mentalism has decided to go for Mercedes. “The ​car picked is the definition of what the team wants, be an underdog as the past of the previous Mercedes team (Brawn GP) and then hope to win as much as we can, that’s why we picked the ​Mercedes W10​”, says the F1 Team Manager AchraafGOAT_. He also tells the club’s fans “We hope you give us the warmest support for the season because we should be able to do nice and big things“.

Concerning the academy car in SF2, this pick does not have too much history. The Carlin team has always had the best promises on their structure and that is mainly why Team Mentalism chose the British car. Both SF1 & SF2 line ups will announced soon, make sure to stay tuned on Team Mentalism‘s social media.

The pictures for this whole season are provided by the F1 and F1 games ​photographer Fran Lorenzo. Make sure to share his work on his Twitter account @Fran_Lorenzo95.

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