vFabii joins Team Mentalism on F1 2019

Team Mentalism is glad to announce the arrival of Fabian “​vFabi​i” Fieber as a new driver for our F1 2019’s ​main team​. The player will be one of our first additions for the rest of the season and aiming to improve the success of 2019: Finishing 3rd at ​DreamHack Sevilla​.

Fabian is a very talented driver and he always tries to push his own limits and his opponents limits, this temperament allowed him to qualify for the ​2019 F1 Esports Challenger Series.

The german driver has a precise goal: put himself and Team Mentalism at the highest position in the world rankings.

Our F1 Team Manager Achraf El Moussaoui describes Fabian Fieber as one of the best drivers on the game, for his obvious pace and race analysis and considers him as the ideal reinforcement for the team.

Stay tuned through our social media to support us for the F1 2019’s main team first official race of 2020 on February 14th.


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